Prewired++ presents the Emporium of Digital Delights!

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Be creative

With a wide range of challenges, from easy to hard, The Emporium of Digital Delights is an opportunity to make something totally new. The possibilities are endless.

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Work together

Work together in a two-week Sprint to build something cool. Join up with your friends, or come by yourself to meet like-minded people. Our team of expert mentors will be on hand to give advice and help when it’s needed.

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Everyone welcome

If you’re aged 12–18 and based in Edinburgh, bring your curiosity and enthusiasm to a welcoming community. Prewired++ celebrates difference and values diversity.

The Emporium of Digital Delights starts on 17 May 2021 πŸ“†πŸ˜ΊπŸŽ‰. It will consist of a series of three Sprints (or hackathons), each of which will last 12 days. You can participate in any one of them, or any two, or all three. After all the Sprints are completed, the Emporium will launch a digital showcase, where you can show off your project to friends πŸ₯³, family 🏠 and the world at large 🌍.

Find out more about how it works.