We have designed a big range of challenges for you, with a wide variety of approaches. We have divided them into five broad themes: Game development, Web development, Interactive audio, Text processing and Data processing.

Within each theme, the challenges are sorted by level of difficulty: basic, intermediate and advanced. The ones at the basic level don’t require that you already know anything about that particular theme and are deliberately gentle in terms of the programming involved.

Don’t worry if you choose a challenge that seems a bit too easy. We will have lots of suggestions for making it harder! Also, the basic challenges will help prepare you for an intermediate one.

You can also look at the challenges filtered by tag.

Game Development

Web Development

Web 2.0

Add interaction to your website with JavaScript

Creative coding: audio and images

Text Processing

Data Processing

Maps are gr8

Visualise data that has geospatial coordinates by plotting it on a digital map